[Fan Film] Venom Short Film: ‘Truth in Journalism’

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[Fan Film] Venom Short Film: ‘Truth in Journalism’

Mensagem por Convidado em Qua Ago 07, 2013 8:18 pm

Technically, ‘Truth in Journalism’ is a fan film, but it’s the kind of fan film that happens when everyone involved is a professional filmmaker with the goal of turning an entire genre upside down. This is a 16-minute short film disguised as a Belgian-made documentary shot in the ’80s … that just so happens to be about the iconic Spider-Man villain known as Venom. Yeah, it’s really cool.

Directed by on-the-rise filmmaker Joe Lynch and produced by Adi Shankhar (whose credits include ‘The Grey’ and ‘Killing Them Softly’), the black-and-white film follows a journalist named “Eddie B.”, played by ‘True Blood‘ actor Ryan Kwanten, as he shows a documentary crew his day-to-day life as an investigative journalist in New York City.

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Achei a ideia do video muito boa e muito bem executada..


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