[Bandai] Exploring Lab. 1 / 700 global deep sea drilling vessel "Chikyu"

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[Bandai] Exploring Lab. 1 / 700 global deep sea drilling vessel "Chikyu"

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Mais uma peça que eu achei muito show

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Exploring Lab. 1 / 700 global deep sea drilling vessel "Chikyu"
World-leading Marine Geosciences life riser type science drillships

-Comes with a helicopter of the same scale.
-Reproduce the Earth deep research vessels each of the major agencies.
And part of the exterior of ringtones you can check lab and moon pool near Center of image.
-Accurately reproduced detail riser pipes in the rack such as hull parts.

ROV, transport helicopters, blow-out preventers, stand

[Product description]
Molded parts × 6, foil, decals, assembly instructions and materials

-Exploring Lab... and is
"Exploring Lab.(Explorer rolling lab)" is "charm" of science and technology of plastic model. Would be the fourth vessel "Chikyu" is (Germany) sea level under development and maintained by jamstec (JAMSTEC) is a scientific drilling ship also 10000 m deep drilling is possible. Dug up some core research facilities will also be installed, conducting various Earth exploration as the main ship of the integrated ocean drilling program (IODP). 210 Metre tall Kit was of huge ships of this floating fortress 130 m and technology unique to Bandai's 1 / 700 scale.


Exploring Lab. 1/700 地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」
海洋地球生命科学の最先端 世界初のライザー式科学掘削船




●Exploring Lab.とは
『Exploring Lab.(エクスプローリング・ラボ)』は“知の魅力”を伝える理工系プラモデル。その第4弾となる地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」は、(独)海洋研究開発機構(JAMSTEC)が開発・保有する海面下一万メートルもの大深度掘削が可能な科学掘削船です。掘り出したコアの研究施設も設けられ、統合国際深海掘削計画(IODP)の主力船として様々な地球内部の探査を実施しています。全長210m全高130mものこの浮かぶ要塞と言うべき巨大な船をバンダイならではの技術で1/700スケールでキット化しました。


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