[Bandai] Premium Collection - Gokaired e Akared

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[Bandai] Premium Collection - Gokaired e Akared

Mensagem por Convidado em Ter Jun 05, 2012 7:38 pm

me desculpe se o nome estiver errado, não estou adepto as essas peças

Who inherit the soul of the Red - Red & Kai ~ Go Akareddo red mask legend of Super Premium Collection - Sentai you come - The novel molding body by two gorgeous lineup! ! ; To "Mask Collection Super Sentai Series" Masukore of Super Sentai Series, That appeared in "pirate squadron Gokaija" and "Go Red Kai", FINALLY leader "Akareddo" Pirates of the Crimson! ! This body and two limited edition premium Bandai, new molding both! History of up to 34 current Red glance have appeared The series "The Legend of Red Mask Collection - Super Sentai Hero", "Akareddo" and "Go Red Kai" is the desired specific lineup, Red will be history that appeared in "The Super Sentai Series" is an array! Will be (production of quantity of booking only) Bandai limited premium, make-to-order production system. Are sure to get us, thank you to your reservations early! Orders period, June 5, 2012 August 7 (Tue) 11:00 - 2012 year 15:00 (Tues.), Product, scheduled for delivery in November 2012. [Age] 15 years of age or older [Product Size] (Up to the top of the head body from the bottom of base) when decorated pedestal height Go about Kai ... 66mm Red Akareddo about ... 68mm Pedestal base about 53mm in diameter ※ Both figures are in development, and the actual product you will find slightly different. Please be patient. [The set includes] (Head model) two-point mask (Pedestal is not illuminated) pedestal two points

マスコレプレミアム スーパー戦隊マスクコレクション ~赤の伝説~ ゴーカイレッド&アカレッド -赤の魂を継ぐ者たち-




「スーパーヒーロー戦隊マスクコレクション ~赤の伝説~」シリーズに、


受注期間は、2012年6月5日(火)11:00 ~ 2012年8月7日(火)15:00、


 ゴーカイレッド … 約66mm
 アカレッド … 約68mm



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Re: [Bandai] Premium Collection - Gokaired e Akared

Mensagem por Trunks68 em Seg Jun 11, 2012 12:26 pm

Essa coleção de capacetes completa deve ficar muito legal!!! Very Happy
Legendary Scale Figure

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